I am a practicing architect and a co-founder of DEP (“beautiful” in Vietnamese), our architectural studio.  Architecture is very similar to sculpture.  Both can be considered extensions of each other; both require 3-dimensional thinking. Light and shadow, structure and function are all critical tools and elements that are used to construct and convey our thoughts and ideas.


dep designed building lobby

dep designed condo refit

My origami dreamers and animals would love to be transformed into life size metal sculptures, to be placed in nature or urban setting where the general public can touch and feel them.

They would love to be closer to a broader audience, from people to birds and wind.”


  • prayer
  • project-4
  • project-5a

They can dance under the moon and stars
under the rain and snow
telling their stories to many
and welcome people to join their dreams.
The dreaming bear is the first try at bronze casting from original origami
Still small, yes
But it is a start…

bronze bear