the little clowns

the little clowns

I always want to design a little clown
and he came
right after the funny Santa
the last days of 2015
( I think that he is the Santa’s special gift ! )


I normally do not paint paper
like these
but it is fun
and different

after all
he is a little clown
he likes to have fun
to cheer me up
these days
( I hope
that he will cheer you up too )

origami little clowns

using acrylic
on watercolor paper
I let the colors flow freely
after it dries
I trim it
around the edges
long, skinny strips of paper
in different colors
trash ?
the little clown wants to play with them
here they are

giang-paper strips

he wants to put his signature at the corner of the “artwork” 🙂
I am not sure
but again
he is a little clown
having some fun
trying to
cheer me up …..

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