why figures and animals?

Why figures: because I can see myself in them and you might see yourself in them too.

They are semi-abstract because they are dreamers.

There are not much details in them because what they want to tell the viewers is more important.

The movement of a dance, the dreams, the reminder of the circle of life, how fragile this life is, the love of a mother to her child, the prayer for a better world and a peaceful earth …

They speak with the language of silence, not very easy to understand but yet it is universal and it transcends language barriers.

The animals come from my memory of our cats and dog in Viet Nam, from the fairy tales and from what I have seen in real life and in movies and books. When I design an animal, sometimes I do not search for images of the real one but rather try to “remember” it and to fold its image in my mind. I try to capture its soul rather than copy its “shell”.

Sometimes I have an idea in mind, sometimes I just play with a piece of paper and things come unexpectedly. I think it is fun and wonderful. You do not force the paper to go your way and let it shows you where it wants to go.

I do like to try abstract and geometric fold in the future.



Meanwhile, please feel free to download and try folding my models below.

Aslo check my blog for a few more diagrams.

Enjoy and please respect my copyright.

Commercial use prohibited except by permission.


cat, an origami sculpture by Giang Dinh

fox container origami model by Giang Dinh

gorilla origami sculpture by Giang Dinh

dreaming dog origami sculpture by Giang Dinh

dreaming bear origami sculpture by Giang Dinh

pinocchio face origami sculpture by Giang Dinh

hippo origami sculpture by Giang Dinh

fox origami sculpture by Giang Dinh

polar bear origami sculpture by Giang Dinh

santa sculpture by Giang Dinh

hedgehog sculpture by Giang Dinh

penguin sculpture by Giang Dinh

mask sculpture by Giang Dinh

another santa sculpture by Giang Dinh

pinocchio sculpture by Giang Dinh



The story of the bison started with Jamie Kelley. Last year, he asked me if I can design a bison for him.

I told him I will try, but not sure. I only can design what comes to me naturally.

I guess I can say this is my 2nd “official” commission. (The first one is a series of copper mesh folded sculpture for an office lobby in Washington DC, but it was totally up to me to come up with the theme).

So on my way to Vancouver (via San Jose) to attend the Origami Canada convention:

Jamie: “Hey, you have 5-hours on the airplane!
Me: hummm ….”

So, in the sky, starting with a few sketches on my sketch book, then playing with some small pieces of paper ….

Luckily, I saw the bison !

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