the year of the monkey

the year of the monkey

I got an e-mail before Christmas
asking if I designed an origami monkey

I said
not yet

but I think I like to
after I designed a gorrila in 2010

I had a vague image in mind
but never try

then I saw a Nengajo ( Japanese new year card ) design by Yu Ando
for the year of the Sheep 2015
looking at that card
I saw a clearer image
of a monkey 🙂
( yes, it’s funny, huh?
seeing a monkey in a sheep )

I picked up a piece of paper
and they came out
just like that
the monkeys
the snow monkeys

in time
for the year of the Monkey 2016

monkeys, origami sculpture by Giang Dinh



and here is a little gift for you
I hope you will come up with your own variation




the tail part from the diagram can be turned into baby monkey

mother and child monkeys by origami artist Giang Dinh

I used acrylic paint on one side of the paper
and while waiting for the paper to dry
I played
snow monkeys
red and white

I think I made a mistake (?)
by adding details to the face
( I like the faceless one better )
oh well
snow monkeys

snow monkeys by artist Giang Dinh

5 Responses

  1. Leo says:

    I don’t think you made a mistake by adding the faces. There is a feeling of serenity that they have, that the monkeys without do not. Removing the faces removes that feeling. Such passes your abstraction criteria, no?

    • Giang Dinh says:

      You may be right 🙂
      I am not against adding details in this case,
      But I was not quite happy about the way I used black pen to draw the face details

      • Leo says:

        I suppose in some ways, the point is how it felt when making it.
        That said,
        as a viewer.
        adding the face details
        added something else.

  2. Sreenath Chary says:

    Superb…just a few folds, and paper comes to life in your hands!!! Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. benson says:

    I love those monkeys!

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