I folded these “Niệm” pieces
when my dad’s health declined sharply
and my mom’s health is not good either

but these pieces are not only just for them
but also for you
and for me
Niệm, an origami sculpture by Giang Dinh

Niệm 2, an origami sculpture by Giang Dinh

My dad asked me to put the one he liked
on the bookcase facing his bed

he passed away
shortly after
the first week of 2016
(we like to think
he just
to visit my grandma
and his dear friends)

the origami
still therethe Dinh - bookcase

on the bookshelf

above is my grandpa’s
black and white drawing
years ago
below is
my dad’s “Niệm” painting

my father is a prolific painter
and he paints
and paints
until his last days

you can see a small part of his works here :

Dinh Cuong - paintings

I would say
my father had a celebrated life
we are happy for him

while mention
my grandpa
my dad

my younger brother
is also a painter
and a writer
like my dad

dinh t chinh - paintings

you can see more of his works here:
Ðinh Trường Chinh

7 Responses

  1. cheryl brown says:

    What an incredibly talented and beautiful family. Your father instilled the best in you and he was a proud man. You are very lucky to have had such a wonderful father in your life; he will always be in your heart and soul. Smile

  2. Clavel Yves et Marie-Hélène says:

    Cher Giang Dinh
    Tes nouvelles oeuvres sont de toute beauté encore. C’est juste magnifique de sobriété, de délicatesse. Nous avons été très émus de penser que ton père, beau peintre aussi, a regardé ce pliage et est parti en paix. Nous avons aussi été émus de voir que ton frère avait été en sympathie avec Paris si lourdement frappé en novembre, et dans notre quartier, ce beau 11e arrondissement si vivant. Je me suis permis de mettre vos deux oeuvre sur ma page Facebook. Toute notre amitié t’accompagne. Les Clavel

  3. Xavier and Minh-Hao Roussel says:

    Dear anh Giang

    I have the chance to know Bac Dinh Cuong and it has been few years when we got to know your web site and your work. We deeply admire the great talent that you and your brother herite from your lovely Dad. Your Dad is not gone, he stays in your heart and your soul. Minh-Hao and Xavier

  4. Loredana says:

    I am very sorry about your loss, Master Dinh.
    What a talented, talented family! Thank you for
    everything you do and leave behind, for the world.

  5. Kevin Nguyen says:

    Dear anh Giang,

    The origami, and the paintings show such serene beauty. Just like your beloved Dad, he’s got something totally zen about him. Your Dad will be totally missed by everyone who has a chance to meet him.

  6. Lorena Zellmer says:

    Dear Giang- so sorry for your loss, but the creative spirit of your father was shared, and passed on to you and your brother. You and your family are not only artists, but also poets. You find beauty and magic within few strokes. We are thankful for your gifts.
    To life Master Giang.

  7. María says:

    Really Beautiful…
    Thank you very much for sharing..
    .I bless your father.

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