I was born in the year of the horse
This graceful creature appeared in my drawings and paintings
but not origami
till now
There are some really nice origami horses out there ( Roman Diaz, Hideo Komatsu, Quentin Trollip…)
perhaps my favorite one so far is the wind horse by Hoang Tien Quyet
The image of the horse has been in my mind for a long time
but I hesitate to design one of my own
the horse is coming
and this time I decided to try to find it within a piece of paper
at least
I think
I should try, and see
here they are
some studies
from square
Giang Dinh - Horse studies

4 Responses

  1. Sreenath Chary says:

    Love it…especially the one with water color paper! The horse face has so much ‘realism’ without sharp creasy folds….. I used to love making complex origami pieces from other folders…I have now become your fan and have been trying to fold your creations almost exclusively…I am struggling to make them, even my dreaming bear (30 attempts so far) still just does not look right…something in the face just does not come out right, the proportions that you did, make it look like a bear, while my wife thought that I had made a pig 🙁

    The cat too…looks too ‘sharp and not soft and feline like your models..

    I tried my hand at the dancer…this came out well…looks beautiful as a modern art sculpture. Only one I can make now without too much of a struggle!

    I am just unable to make the Tai CHi master….the face folds (if I get the mouth and nose, the eyes cannot be folded :-(…would love to fold this. Any tips please?

    Thank you for all your creations and I hope you make millions more….I am spending so many blissful hours trying to fold them and thoroughly enjoy the experience even though the result may not be great with my folding.

    • Giang Dinh says:

      Thank you Sreenath.
      Wet folding is about feeling, you need to feel the paper.
      You fold it but also follow it at the same time.
      Folding without reference points force the folder to come up with his or her own proportions.
      So, please keep practing.
      I do not have any tips to fold the face of the Taichi master – I normally fold the “eye” first and then the nose and the chin – 3d fold requires practicing.
      Using the right paper for wet folding is also important.

      • Sreenath Chary says:

        Thanks for response…I made the Tai Chi master….not that great looking, but my son recognized and said ‘awesome’ until I showed him your page!! Will keep practicing…the horse seems to be more ‘traditional’ origami at least in the start and then wet folded in the face for absolute realism without too many distracting folds. Looks wonderful. Will you be diagramming this and sharing with the world please?

  2. Sreenath Chary says:

    Hi Mr.Giang Dinh, have you published any basic folding pattern for this horse that I could use please? My son loves horses and I want to give him one folded by me using your design for his birthday….appreciate it very much!!!

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