why I choose paper as a medium

why I choose paper as a medium

Paper is a simple and familiar material. It is my friend since I started learning how to read and write and draw.

Paper is fragile, you have to be gentle with it.
Love it, and it might love you back.
Same with life.

Origami is a special kind of sculpture. You start with a piece of paper and end up with the same piece of paper. You do not add or subtract anything thing like other kinds of sculpture.
By hiding the unnecessary parts of the paper, the origami artist can create the whole new world. It is magical, like fairy tales. The material is so simple, the possibility is endless.
And you do not need many special tools.
Mainly it is a direct conversation between your heart/hands and a piece of paper, especially if you fold in the air.

I like to use heavy weight water color paper with rough texture. To me it is the best to wet fold with. The whiteness of it is pure. The texture is rich but also quiet. The viewer is not distracted by color or decorative patterns and can contemplate on form and shadow. It suites well with what I like to achieve with my works: simple and elegant.

Of course I also use handmade paper with color and texture, and sometimes I do use acrylic paint to paint one side of watercolor paper when I think it is needed. Leaving the texture of the paper as is always preferred. Let paper be paper!

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  1. Richard ramirez says:

    You’re work is inspiring and motivational! Looking at your work as well as Paul Jackson has moved me to create with paper! I like to draw and paint graffiti murals however this is a new medium for me and I am excited to try my hand at this kind of paper folding. Any recommendations on where to start?

    Thank you


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