the kiss

the kiss

Why this way but not that?

Where does inspiration come from?

There is a story behind each artwork.

the kiss by rodin

The Kiss (1888) Auguste Rodin (1840-1917)

Auguste Rodin is considered the most talented sculptor of his time. Among his masterpieces is “The Kiss”. It’s difficult to describe the sensuality that can be carved from a block of stone. It seems that a ready-made form in the rock, perceived by the artist, is about to be released. Not only that, the spectator can feel the passion of the two lovers, as if nothing else in the world matters to them. The artist captured this intimate moment for eternity.

the kiss by brancusi

The Kiss (1909) Constantin Brancusi (1876-1957)

Really, I like Brancusi’s work much better than that of Rodin. Brancusi had worked in Rodin’s studio and had great admiration for the master. But he left after two months, saying, “Nothing can grow in the shade of a tall tree.”

In this sculpture, two figures become one, and details are simplified, because oneness is more important than realistic interpretation.

“You are me as much as I am you” (TCS).

This sculpture is in a cemetery in Paris, on the grave of a young Russian who killed herself for love.

the kiss by klimt

The Kiss (1907) Gustav Klimt (1863-1918)

Klimt’s work is also full of passion. Two lovers become one, blended into flowers and grass.

“… Sometimes I want to believe
that in life there are pure flowers and grass
and that besides these flowers,
so attractive are your arms
the embrace of love … “(TTT)

the kiss by chagall

Birthday (1923) Marc Chagall (1887-1985)

Marc Chagall is a painter that I admire. His paintings are so poetic, like dreams.
Here, true love gives wings to the lovers.


A kiss, soft as a cloud…on a birthday.

Who says it’s a dream?

Loving “The Kiss” by Brancusi so much, in 2001 I tried to translate the stone sculpture into paper.

Translation of Brancusi ‘s “The Kiss” 2001

I do not remember how much time has passed since my encounters with these “Kisses”, and the road full of sweet and bitter memories that I have gone through.

For this “ Kiss” to be born, when the two ends of a piece of paper meet

concept sculpture by origami artist Giang Dinh

“Love just hatched already accomplished” (TCS)
Love seems to be newly hatched
But it is always there.

Rambling on a rainy Sunday, Virginia 09 dinh t. giang

*Trinh Cong Son (TCS, 1939-2001): famous Vietnamese composer/song writer
*Thanh Tam Tuyen (TTT, 1936-2006):famous Vietnamese poet

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