fighting bull

fighting bull

There are some great origami bulls fashioned by Akira Yoshizawa, Eric Joisel, Sipho Mabona, Gabriel Alvarez, Joseph Wu etc…and of course, Stephan Weber (perhaps the most well known origami bull).

This bull is actually a variation of my bison. With this design, I try to capture the formidable force and motion of the fighting bull.

The obvious difference with the bulls mentioned above is the simple body, but what I like to express lies in this “simple” part. By changing the angles of the front and back part of the body/suggested legs, the momentum of the moving forward force is achieved.

Folding from the same size square, you will end up with roughly the same size as Stephan’s bull. As you can see in the image below, a big part of the paper is wasted.

I still need to try again until both I and the paper are happy. Sometimes, it is very hard to recapture the spirit in some of the first studies!

giang dinh fighting bull

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