It is enough to recognize the “face” of Buddha as you can in both examples. However, I prefer the right image with fewer details.

The other one demonstrates eyes, nose, and lips from a certain angle.

Remember that Buddha is within any one of us.

My hope is that the viewer of the right piece will “fill in the blanks” and see your own “Buddha face”. Do not look for Buddha in the external world; you must look within.

It would be interesting if this face can be “folded” using shiny stainless steel.

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  1. sreenath says:

    Incredible!! I love your renditions of all things….they are simply ‘beautiful’ for want of a better word.Simplicity should be the goal and from the way you have portrayed all your art, they are breathtaking and are like a breath of fresh air in comparison to a lot of complex origami that exists….I like complex Origami (I can only fold, but have not been able to create anything yet) but get frustrated with innumerable steps and won’t even attempt some of them.

    After seeing your web page, I hope I can create a few of my own!

    Great work!!!

    • Giang says:

      Thank you very much for your nice words, Sreenath.

      Each designer has his or her own “goal”. Simple and elegant is what I want to achieve with my origami.

      A simple model, to me, also leave more room for the folders to add their own touch and variations.
      I do hope that you will create your own origami designs. Do what makes you happy, be it simple or complex.


  2. Sreenath says:

    I have downloaded your diagrams and am trying them one by one….simple steps, but they are super complex to get the look and ‘organic’ feel to it….you have created ‘Art’ with Origami which is very rare. I will keep experimenting until I get them right….

  3. Loc Nguyen says:

    I love all your works. Simplicity is not easily to be achieved till you have practiced it thoroughly and created it within your inner peace and insightful sense of life.

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